Deception · Happiness

High cost for cheap thrill

….I’ve been doing some very deep thinking lately about this our new crazy quest for wealth and material possessions.

We want to wear the best clothes, drive the best cars, live in the best houses, travel around the world, get the best girls, shut down parties with our presence, have everyone running around us like flies, use the best electronic gadgets,……the list goes on. For some of us, we just want a better life for our families and future generations. To be honest, all these would be very nice to have, I would gladly take them as well if they are given to me. 

Let’s just try and take a peep into the future……. By the time we get all these things we are struggling to get the best we will ever get is people talking about us, about house beautiful our mansions, our cars, our clothes are; how our presence caused  commotion in that party,….. Nothing more than mere talk and to be in the spotlight just like the mad man who causes commotion everywhere will get. 

It’s not like in the end we would get some kind of Nobel prize or some form of super powers or transform into a different creature or something, we won’t be any different from the normal guy on the street. We’ll be the same human, with 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 hands, 2 legs, sleep, wake up, die like everyone else will. The only difference is that people are talking about us just like they can talk about any silly thing they choose to  talk about. 


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