Happiness · Hatred · Jealousy · Love · Pride · Rejection

I hate you


Just like love grows, so does hatred. There are people who would hate you to the extent that they begin to hate the fact that you breathe. A while ago they couldn’t stay in the same room with you very soon it would begin to bother them that they are in the same planet with you. Now that’s a problem! 
For most of us who want to be “nice”, we start looking for ways to make the people stop hating us. We try to edit ourselves just to make them to love us or at least just stop hating us, only for us to discover that we’ve been trying to whip a dead horse. The truth is that we’ve been fighting the wrong enemy.

While I was a child, back then in primary 2, my teacher taught us a little poem that got stuck to my memory and has acted as a guide (and guard) to me since then even after over 20 years. Here it is…
Jealousy is the root of hatred 

Hatred is the twin brother of pride

Evil is the father of the two

Downfall is the end of them

Research has shown that a greater percentage (if not all) of hatred streams from jealousy and so does pride.

People may be jealous of the fact that you have what they don’t have, you can do what they can’t do or simply because you are happy and they are not (despite the fact that they have more than you do); i mean I’ve met people who can’t stand kids having fun around them.

So the jealousy begins to metamorphose into hatred until they find something they have that you don’t or something they can do better than you do. Then they begin to brag with it and point out all your flaws anytime you are around so that you can at least feel bad about yourself even if it’s for just few seconds. At that point, you will realize that hatred has finally reunited with his long-lost twin brother, Pride.


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