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Back to the future

Everyone (including you and I) have at least one person to blame for our misfortunes. We say to ourselves “if only my parents made better choices, if only my mum listened to me then, if only I was educated, if only I wasn’t neglected, if only I wasn’t born into a poor family, if only I wasn’t abused, if only I wasn’t deceived, if only the government could look on the plight of young people, …..I probably would have a better life now.

So we spend all our lives pointing accusing fingers at everyone who contributed in ruining our lives. Some of us even go as fat as taking revenge on them. We turn to alcohol, sex, drug and substance abuse because that seems to be the only thing that can make the pain we feel inside go away. Some of us go into crime because that seems to be the only way to make ends meet.

One thing we didn’t notice was that the world never stopped spinning just because “our world” stopped. Out age kept increasing, more people are born into the world everyday. Most of us have now become fathers and mothers with nothing else to offer our kids other than our bad attitudes coupled with the anger we have against those who hurt us in the past (some of whom are even dead). 

These kids now combine the junk we’ve given them, the one they get from people outside with their individuality. Now they have become a worse version of us. We begin to wonder what has come over them because it seems each day the world is getting worse. 

If there is anything that always being around kids has taught me, it is the fact that they learn faster by observation; they would rather do what you do than do what you say. Most times when you are them do certain things, even you the parent would be amazed.

The greatest problem in the world today is the that we lack good examples. People need someone to look up to but since we can’t find the right people we are forced to make do with what is left.

People there is a lot of work to be done, the earlier we stopped living in the past and started getting busy in molding the future, the better for you and I. The fate of future generations lies in our hands. It’s up to us to make the world a better place for them. It’s time we come back to the future.


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