RevPee (Peace Oseghale) is an annioted minister of the gospel through music. A ‘Choir Boy’ from the onset of his ministry, he is a passionate gospel singer and a worshipper. As a lead worshiper he has acquired a  colossal experience on music mastering and choir administration.

RevPee in this new single poured out his heart on the assurance of God’s promises. “I BELIEVE” is a song to encourage every child of God and reassure them that God will keep His word no matter what. The darkest part of the night is just before the break of dawn. Do you believe? cos “I BELIEVE”

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15 years of being in the music ministry but all has paled into insignificance compared to the last 3 years. Within the past 3 years God placed a burden within me to be a conduit through which certain
expressions will manifest. What you are about to listen to is a SOUND which by God’s grace will outlive me. I had to let go of everything I knew to learn thoroughly the message placed before me drawing inspiration from my roots (YORUBA language), through the help of the holy spirit.

My desire is allow people see a better perspective to life and to create an atmosphere for God to bless his people through undiluted worship.

ELEDA MI is one out of the numerous expression coming from the album Titled MEMOIRS OF A CARPENTER. Welcome to a season of Heavenly sounds and it will be expressed in the Yoruba language.
My name is Babz Carpenterz
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